Sniffing out a great wildlife break in the heart of Devon

We’re hoping to lure wildlife lovers to Devon this year (2017) to get close to some of the county’s furry and fluffy favourites as well as enjoying some hearty fare too.

Bee 4 low resWe’re offering a cosy base for those
interested in everything from badger watching to red deer safaris on the
Devon side of Exmoor.

Red deer are the largest wild land
animals in the UK and there are about 3,000 on Exmoor. Our part of the world is one of the few areas where you can get super close to these majestic creatures and see them in their own habitat.

One option for seeing Red Deer comes from joining a professional guided walk in the Exmoor National Park or going on a guided Safari tour. We can also help guests who stay with us link up with a badger watching group. They can arrange experiences including events for children and offer the chance for people to have tuition from an experienced wildlife photographer so they can take photos of badgers in the wild.

The stunning Exmoor National Park is on our doorstep and it is a magnet for flora as well as fauna, boasting more than 1,000 different flowering plants and grasses.

There are so many outdoorsy things to do here all year long. But it’s not just about the wildlife, we provide a foodie haven too and we offer seasonal dishes, made with love, using ingredients sourced at various locations nearby.



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